Marketing is not about tactics.
It's about transformation.

People. Do. Not. Like. Ads.
Say it as a complete sentence: "People do not like ads."
Especially people under 40.
Especially on mobile. (Which is almost everything now.)

The ad business has been resisting this news, but the popular rebellion against advertising is not going away.

The growth of ad avoidance marks the end of the advertising age and the beginning of something entirely new: the post-ad age — a time when content valued by the audience is replacing ads (which are not valued by the audience).

The anti-ad revolution has been in progress for more than a decade. Finally, with the rapid growth of ad blockers, it's impossible to ignore.

It's a huge problem for brands unwilling to change. It’s a huge opportunity for bravely ambitious brands willing to transform their marketing for the digital 21st century.

As I've been saying since 2007, "Welcome to the post-advertising age."

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